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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is there a monthly or subscription fee for using Prefiniti?

A: No, there is not. Companies that use Prefiniti are charged for the orders they receive. There is no minimum or maximum number of orders either. Pricing structure varies from one industry to another. The minimum cost per order is 5 cents and the maximum is 5 dollars. Please call or email us for a pricing structure tailored to your business.

Q: Do my customers pay Prefiniti anything?

A: No. All customer accounts or myPrefiniti (Social Networking) accounts are free. Your customers only pay you.

Q: How do I get my customers' billing information?

A: Every customer on Prefiniti has a payment profile that they can either keep on record or fill out the first time they do business with you. That payment information is then securely passed to you so that you can charge your customers. Customers pay you directly.

Q: Does Prefiniti accept credit cards as a payment method from companies?

A: No. Prefiniti only accepts direct debit payments from a business checking or similar account.

Q: Can my customers use credit cards on Prefiniti when they are purchasing from my company?

A: Prefiniti will allow any payment method that your business can accept. We simply let you bill your customers.

Q: If my company does not accept credit cards as a payment method, when we are on Prefiniti will we be able to accept credit cards?

A: No. If you want to accept credit cards for payment then your company will have to set that up on its own.

Q: Why doesn't Prefiniti accept credit cards for payment from business clients?

A: We at Prefiniti do not believe in adding any additional interest charges to our clients' orders.

Q: How often is my company going to be billed?

A: If your company receives more than 200 orders per month, you will be billed twice a month. If your company receives fewer than 200 orders per month, you will be billed monthly.

Q: Does Prefiniti notify my company before a debit is made to my business account?

A: No. All billing information is available to you as it accrues through the cycle.

Q: Where do I find help using Prefiniti?

A: Underneath your profile picture on the left side of the page, click on the Search Help link.

What is Prefiniti?

Prefiniti allows users to do everything from send employees to a jobsite, order pizza, socialize with friends, or work for multiple employers, on the Internet with a single username and password.

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